Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Savoring summer and a simple sorbet

What does this new word stay-cation really mean?

According to Martin J. Smith, Editor-in-Chief of our local Orange Coast Magazine, it is “Opening our eyes to familiar beauty, appreciating the graciousness that surrounds us every day.”

Teddy and I are heeding his advice this summer and staying home to savor the bounty of our hometown of Corona del Mar.

Here is last night’s sunset seen from our patio:

And this morning during our breakfast

a surprise rainbow appeared out of nowhere

though there wasn’t the slightest sign of rain

Our farmer’s market on the campus of the University of California Irvine (UCI)

is offering something entirely new--luscious Japanese Kyo Ho grapes.

And the new “A” Market on Pacific Coast Highway was featuring Cypress Grive “Purple Haze” goat cheese flavored with lavender and fennel pollen. So I invited my friend Adrian over for tea. And, what did she bring me but a fragrant, flowering lavender plant!

I also got to meet Hamlet, my friend Kimberly’s pot-bellied pig for the first time and have lunch with him. Hamlet Pig has his own FaceBook page.

All of this within the past 24-hours!

And tomorrow night we’ll go to the Orange County Fair. We love blending into the huge crowds of people experiencing the pure enjoyment of of a warm summer evening.

We get high on the colors, the lights, the kids' screams coming from the rides, and pigging out (no offense, Hamlet!) on crazy foods like Krispy Kreme chicken sandwiches and corn dogs.

In the words of the poet Hafiz:


Do not

Want to step so quickly

Over this sacred place on God's body

That is right beneath your

Own foot

As I

Dance with

Precious life



I’m serving only the simplest and lowest calorie desserts in August. This one takes less than five minutes to make and really wows my guests.

For four servings

102 calories per serving

1 pound (1 package) frozen pitted sweet black cherries (available in most supermarkets)

¼ cup fresh orange juice (Use a zester to remove some of the rind before squeezing)

2 tablespoons Grand Marnier

Sprigs of fresh mint to garnish

Combine the ingredients, except mint sprigs in the bowl of an electric food processor fitted with the steel blade. (Sorry, this cannot be made in most blenders!)

Process to a smooth puree, stopping the motor from time to time to push the mixture into the blade with a rubber spatula. As soon as the mixture is smooth, spoon it into serving dishes. Garnish with mint and serve immediately.

To prepare in advance: Make this one hour of serving. If not serving immediately, store it in the freezer in the serving dishes for up to, but not longer than, one hour. If frozen longer it solidifies.

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  1. wow, grapes and Hafiz this morning! I'm inspired to take a lil' Staycation in Dc today. Pausing in this moment to recognize this sacred life.