Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Savoring Winter

Is every January like this?

I'd been feeling a little dull, slightly chilled, a bit letdown after all the festivities—as if my lights were dimmed.

Noticing that a few neighbors still have their outdoor holiday lights up, I imagined they must, like me, be missing all the jolly busy-ness, all the excuses to connect with friends and rush around.

Today, though, I am sensing it is time to pause, to tune into January's offering, its gift of winter dormancy.

I remind myself that a field must lay fallow. I will be wise to retreat to a quiet space, in which to cultivate renewal and receptivity.

What shall I do to warm my heart? I ask my inner wise woman.

The answer comes quickly: Prepare an egg white omelette for lunch with all your favorite flavors. It will be light and healthy and fill you with energy. Stir in blessings. Appreciate having fresh rosemary flowers to sprinkle on top. Bring that captivating camellia indoors to be your company at the table. Give thanks for your warm kitchen, the sizzle of sautéing shallots, and for having someone very dear to cook for—yourself.

Wrap all these pleasures around you like a warm cloak.

Because there is so little to do, enjoy the pause.

I sprinkled minced shallots and a little fresh tarragon (still stubbornly growing in my herb garden) into a non-stick skillet and sautéed in olive oil . . .

then stirred in lightly beaten egg whites and some halved grape tomatoes,

. . . sprinkled with crumbled goat cheese, folded, and . . .

Join me as I savor love on a plate.

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