Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Loving Heart Redux

My wonderful readers:
You've noticed I'm behind in posting.  To be honest, things have been a bit wild around here with Ted retiring from his long career in the law and now reinventing himself through a new book.  I'd forgotten how challenging change can be.  
So while I am busy writing you a colorful post on Barcelona, I have decided not to delay another moment in reaching out to you.  Here is a timely re-post of some advice I need to take for myself.

How did your five-year-old love to play? Did you make up games? What were they? What did you truly love?

Recently, speaking on the subject of Life as a Work of Heart, I asked this question of my audience. Gradual smiles softened their faces as they remembered.

In mid-life, this very self-inquiry changed my life. I realized it wasn’t food preparation that had led me into my long career in cooking and entertaining; it was the result—the gathering of people around the table in celebration, in sharing ideas, in connection! And so I then reinvented what I was doing and my career turned into something infinitely more satisfying.

Will you take a moment to recapture what gave you joy? Where did your inborn love lead you?

(Above is a Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcake for your five-year-old. You can keep them in the freezer--they thaw in only a few minutes for an afternoon treat for yourself or when a friend drops in.)

It is so important to pay attention to what our hearts tell us. These words from the poem Love After Love by Derek Wolcott (click on the title for the whole poem), remind us of the deep meaning of our lives.

. . .Love again the stranger who was your self. 

. . . Give back your heart 
to itself, to the stranger who has loved you 

all your life, whom you ignored 

for another, who knows you by heart. 

Here is a great Valentine gift for yourself. Marci Shimoff's new book, Love For No Reason is an astonishing teaching of the experience of pure love for its own sake. What I call Divine Love. Truly, every page is filling my heart with joy!
And, what better time of year, when hearts as a symbol of love are everywhere, to use something we take very much for granted, fresh strawberries, as a sign of celebration? This is so easy. I hope you will love it!


Small log of goat cheese
Roasted sunflower seeds (can use honey-roasted)
Strawberry slices
Honey to drizzle over all
Serve at room temperature with thinly sliced bread or crisp crackers

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